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Wildsmith Papers: Could a Shaman Change Your Life?

Wildsmith Papers: Could a Shaman Change Your Life?

It’s not just in California that people are starting to regard a visit to a shaman as essential as medical check-ins with a doctor. But beyond taking the pulse of your aura and giving you a supercharged dose of TLC, are there any deeper effects? David Annandgoes in search of the modern-day urban shaman to find out.

I’m standing at the altar, naked underneath my robe. Incense is burning. There are flowers on the alter, little offerings to the heavens. Carlos Gomez, the celebrated Mexican shaman, is standing just behind me, holding a massive conch.


But I then I talk to Basque/American shaman Manex Ibar, the go-to shaman for European spiritualists, and discover that he’s not just clever, but understated and humble. And totally serious. He means it when he says he sees energetic auras around people in different colours depending on the balance of their chakras.

“Is this not overwhelming?” I ask him chirpily. What happens when you go into a restaurant? “When I first opened up I started to see people’s purple auras,” he says. “I went to the optician to find out what was wrong and he told me I had 30/20 vision. Perfect. I asked him: ‘Then why am I seeing purples auras round people?’ And he said to me: ‘I can’t help you. You’ll have to go and see a Buddhist about that.’”

And so he did and the Buddhist sent him on to a shaman and thus started a long career which has seen him treat a whole roster of clients from the chronically ill and traumatised to high flyers looking to optimise their lives. A lot of this is done in one-to-one sessions, in person or via Skype. But there is also the option to go on one of his four-day Wisdom Quests into the Pyrenean mountains where guests can work towards overcoming their disconnection from nature, unblock stuck energy and learn to live more from the heart.

Although this might sound a bit woolly, there is a steeliness to Ibar, which I imagine comes from growing up in a family of sceptical scientists, who were initially nonplussed when he switched from studying physics to more esoteric teachings. Although he seems confident that the two might still be reconciled. “The shaman is a master of the subconscious mind and helps us understand the patterning and structures that exist within non-time space which we most often don’t even realise are there. Quantum physics is just catching up.”

And you never know, you might discover, as a friend of mine did, that you are an “Empress of Sexual Healing”, and for just the outside chance of this it would seem worth setting all scepticism aside.

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