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The official website of Visionary Mystic and Shaman Manex Ibar. Join the journey towards higher spirit consciousness through Manex's practical and enlivening guidance.
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Projects & Development

As a multi-talented spiritual entrepreneur and mystic, Manex has many companies and projects that he creates through his passion and insight. Each entity has been carefully and intentionally formed, presenting a new business, product, or idea that brings greater fluidity, simplicity and joy to our busy and complex lives.

If you are an entrepreneur, business, or company and would like to know more about working with Manex, please reach out to begin creating a vision together.

Welcome, and many blessings.

Living Shamanism is a trans-media project that serves as a practical guide to shamanic ritual, knowledge, and ceremonies, unveiling the meaning and wisdom of shamanism today.  Part of the project involves interviewing 22 shamans, asking 22 questions about shamanism and it’s purpose, and reason for the modern re-awakening.  This is an ongoing media project helping our world to understand, accept, and integrate ancient shamanic wisdom, aiming to create a more accurate discussion on the history, science, ceremony, and mystery of shamanism.


The Living Shamanism Oracle is a set of 64 cards that integrate a high-shamanic point of view for modern times, in-depth teachings of shamanic initiation, daily practices, and philosophy from around the world.

Bio-Energetica Institute is a non-profit organization that studies life energy and provides courses and practices towards using energy as a means to heal, balance, and gain joy in life.  Bio-Energetica holds workshops and private sessions for people with ‘dis-ease’ as well as for the adventurer that wants to explore multi-cultural lifestyles and rituals.

Frequence is a holistic and forward-thinking company producing affordable and luxurious natural botanical essence products for body and health care, as well as animal and home care.  Based on scientific and medical studies, frequencies have the ability to shift our consciousness, emotional states, and physical matter.  Using essential oils, audio frequencies, and top quality organic products like beeswax, coconut oil, and honey in creams and lotions, Frequence helps you create an energetically balanced life.  In the future, Frequence will focus on personalized genetic products for your complete optimization.

Aeforia is a science fiction fairy tale about a heroine who discovers and travels to the planet of magical Willaz – Aeforia.  In her journey, Amaia must overcome her fears and work through various challenges she encounters along the way. Her adventures bring her to new lands, introduce her to magical beings and nature’s wisdom, and help her discover her natural talents.  A true multi-media story development project, Aeforia is a multitude of things – Concerts, Book, Community Website, Virtual Reality Game, Application, Toys and Merchandise, a TV Series, and an epic Virtual World of Imagination.

Conscious Medicine Labs is a company dedicated to bringing research, development, and product to the general public concerning multi-compound botanical medicines, including entheogens.  Conscious Medicine Labs is looking to develop the medicine of the future by combining different botanical plants with genetic design,  developing personalized natural medicine for individualized optimal health and wellbeing.

Founded in 2005, Vurse Media has been producing, managing, and licensing digital intellectual media rights.  With global distribution through theOrchard, Vurse helps realize and materialize visions, dreams, and artistic beauty as well as corporate media campaigns, communications media, documentary films, music and educational videos for clients worldwide.

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