Wisdom Quest
The official website of Visionary Mystic and Shaman Manex Ibar. Join the journey towards higher spirit consciousness through Manex's practical and enlivening guidance.
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Wisdom Quest


Wisdom Quest

Throughout the history of the world and dating back through time unknown, people from all nations, cultures, and religions have used nature as a way of gaining insight, wisdom, and power; Great prophets, leaders, artists, philosophers, and influential guides have turned to nature to gain renewed clarity & wisdom.

Immersion into nature is a rite of passage, a sacred initiation, and a deep place of inspiration that teaches us how to touch our inner-essence, strengthen our connection to source, and awaken our inner wisdom, enabling the true expression of our own creative uniqueness. Join the elite and commune with Nature’s sacred teachings to unlock the door to your own divine wisdom and knowledge.
There is no greater adventure than discovering who you are. Connect with sacred land and uncover your ever-expanding nature. Take this journey with loved ones and friends, or in the serenity of your own presence. Gather yourself and prepare to set foot on a life-long journey of learning, growth, and empowerment.


A powerful retreat into Nature’s grace, power and deep nurture.

Wisdom Quest – A modern rite of passage with nature.

Discover your inner wisdom, inner truth, take a break from our cultural programming and resource yourself with the bliss and pureness of nature.

3 Days of Teachings
1 Exclusive Tarot deck and Book
Plant Ceremonies
Sweat Lodge
Nature Solo
Talking Stick
Organic Food

Visits to the traditional Pintxos in the Basque Region

Wisdom Quest Web Intro 2020 from Manex Ibar on Vimeo.

Additional Information
Private Room


Shared Room


Tent Camping


Student Price


Reviews (1)

1 review for Wisdom Quest

  1. admin

    The Vision Quest was a total reboot, a big awakening in consciousness. It hit me hard and is still working me. It went straight for the heart and blasted me open to the radiance that is within. It’s so powerful to meet yourself in a whole new way, and to have time with yourself is a precious gift that I know i will give myself again and again.

    Elliott Coon – Co-Founder, GEM&BOLT Mezcal – http://www.gemandbolt.com

    It’s so awesome. That’s really the word. Everything about the experience is just so grand. At first you freak out about everything, the food, being alone, nature, the wild, the animals. And when you’re there, you totally realize that you’re home. It’s just such an incredible feeling. And everytime I’ve done one, i get more clarity. It’s like you’re wise on the mountain and you can write yourself a wisdom book. I’ve done 4 already and i’m doing another one.

    Miriam Menson – Yogi and Nature Explorer

    My experience in the mountains was like a right of passage that solidified and expanded my relationship with nature and my own inner strength. It was challenging and uncomfortable in a way that cleaned and nourished my spirit. The experience is one so novel and journey within so deep that you leave with a bond to your fellow questers, to the land, and to your own soul. I consider my fellow questers to have watched me be born into the next phase of my life, I consider them like sisters, brothers, and Godmothers. And I was privileged to have had such present and nurturing guides as Manex and Amaia throughout the experience. If there was ever a way to respond to the call of nature, to self-healing, it is through a Vision Quest.

    Brynja Magnusson, Icelandic Massage Therapist, Artist,

    Stephanie Wang

    The Vision Quest with Manex was more than a transformative experience. I had never before camped, let alone do a Vision Quest in nature. Every step leading up to the time on the mountain was beautifully orchestrated. Manex was a master at making us feel relaxed as he led us through challenges and initiations so that after each day we could not believe what we accomplished. He combines shamanic wisdom with Human Design and other modalities in a unique way that creates a multidimensional experience that is physically euphoric, emotionally cathartic, mentally cleansing and spiritually healing. I was able to open to a whole new level of consciousness, joy, and love. This connection continues to expand and nourish me.

    Stephanie Wang – Director, Evolver; President, The Alchemist’s Kitchen – evolver.net thealchemistskitchen.com

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