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Gain a deeper understanding of the 12 Profiles.   Understand the different interaction patterns, dilemmas, and insights into activating your energetic field correctly.  Learn about other possibilities and gain deep knowledge about the basic functions of the human auric field.

The 12 Profiles:

1/3 – Investigating Marty
1/4 – Investigating Opportunist
2/4 – Hermit Opportunit
2/5 – Hermit Heretic
3/5 – Martyr Heretic
3/6 – Martyr Role Model
4/6 – Opportunist Role Model
4/1 – Opportunist Investigator
5/1 – Heretic Investigator
5/2 – Heretic Hermit
6/2 –  Role Model Hermit
6/3 – Role Model Martyr

Each profile has its own character traits that provides deep conditioning and energetic mechanics.  Learn how to navigate your vehicle.





The Human Design system is a synthesis of all other great wisdom systems that calculate a stream of consciousness atoms called neutrinos, that code our awareness field with information.  As a tool of understanding oneself and seeing how the nature of reality works, this is one of the most oustanding systems ever created.  Based on 4 types ( Manifestors, Reflectors, Projectors, Generators and MG’s,), 9 in-body vital energy centers, 12 profiles, 36 channels, and 64 codon gates, tying it to genetics.  Human Design goes beyond in identifying your unique body mechanics, energy mechanics, personality mechanics, and even consciousness mechanics with extreme uniqueness and precision.

In this course, as part of an introduction to Human Design course, Manex explains the fascinating aspects of the 12 Profiles.  Like a cloack on our auric field, the profile gives you a certain robe that allows you to play certain role energetically.  It provides deep awareness of people’s personality as well as their purpose.

Going deeper with the Profile will activate:

•  Deeper sense of your own purpose
•  Connection to certain patterns based on your Profile
•  Acceptance of your behavioral story-line
•  Refine your understanding of your Auric field.


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