Vision Quest
The official website of Visionary Mystic and Shaman Manex Ibar. Join the journey towards higher spirit consciousness through Manex's practical and enlivening guidance.
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Vision Quest

About This Project


Discover your true connection to source, through Nature’s grace and power…and activate your essence!

 I invite you to experience an incredible inner journey “The Vision Quest” -a deep connection with yourself through Nature. Come receive powerful teachings that unite and synthesize our world’s great wisdom traditions, and enter the heart of Nature to experience an unforgettable encounter: yourself and your direct relationship to source.

Manex has been offering Vision Quest retreats for 9 years in the Basque Pyrenees mountains, where one can immerse themselves safely into Nature’s grace and immense power to go through this mystical initiation of self-discovery and empowerement.  Through Nature immersion, powerful changes happen – wisdom, clarity, creativity, cleansing, inspiration, and intimate connection.


May 11 - 20 2017 (4 Day Retreat) June 15 – 25, 2017 – Summer Solstice (4 day retreat) July 13 – 23, 2017 - (4 day retreat) August 17 – 27, 2017 - (4 day retreat) Sept 21 – Oct 1, 2017 New Moon & Equinox (4 day retreat)


1500€ camping, 1750€ for a bed in the house, 2050€ for private room. Does not include travel. Includes the deliciously made organic local food and wine, pick up from train/airport, ceremonies, teachings and a set of Living Shamanism Oracle Cards and application.


Full Fare 5000-20,000 Euros - Private vision quests can be organized for 1-4 people. They can focus on a specific issue (healing, going deeper, creative vision, family alignment, business executive team alignment, team building). They can be longer or shorter, depending on need. Please email manex to organize.

Botanical Medicine, Shamanic