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The official website of Visionary Mystic and Shaman Manex Ibar. Join the journey towards higher spirit consciousness through Manex's practical and enlivening guidance.
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Wisdom Quest

Welcome To A Sacred Journey

Throughout the history of the world and dating back through time unknown, people from all nations, cultures, and religions have used nature as a way of gaining insight, wisdom, and power; Great prophets, leaders, artists, philosophers, and influential guides have turned to nature to gain renewed clarity & wisdom.



Immersion into nature is a rite of passage, a sacred initiation, and a deep place of inspiration that teaches us how to touch our inner-essence, strengthen our connection to source, and awaken our inner wisdom, enabling the true expression of our own creative uniqueness. Join the elite and commune with Nature’s sacred teachings to unlock the door to your own divine wisdom and knowledge.

Nature is a pure experience and expression of Source or God awareness in physical form.   In spending extended periods of time in Nature alone, true wisdom, inspiration, and ultimate creativity.    This is vital in understanding ourselves, our place in time, and why we’re here. More than ever, we will we need to understand the Soul, the Unconscious, the Eternal, and the purpose of Matter and Earth…


Discover your unique and true intuitive self.



Discover your allies of nature within this mystery.



Transform your anguishes, pain, and sufferances.



Let go of limiting beliefs, emotional traumas, and self-empowering issues.



Gain Confidence, Courage, Joy and Creative Vitality of your life.

Welcome to a powerful experience of reconnecting to Source – Truth, Consciousness, Love, and Embodiment.  Welcome to a modern rite of passage for all of humankind; a deep initiation and practice for self-realization, self-empowerment, self-regeneration, and self-loving to better serve the purposeful mission we are here to live in this life now.

This is vital in understanding ourselves, our place in time, and what we’re here for.  It is a celebration and initiation into the real meaning of being human.

Go deep into Nature, guided into a sacred location high in the mountains, prepared to face yourself, your subconscious, your demons, your glory, your fears, your wonders.  Discover and cultivate your deep connection to Source Awareness. Turn on your inner gift through the immersion of your body, mind, and soul in Nature’s grace, purity, and enlightened reality.



From that place of deep contemplation and connection within Source, you can purify, realize, clarify, re-invent, and redefine your entire being.

Join us on your inner journey and discover a powerful modern shamanic tool to use for the rest of your life, going deeper through life’s challenges and ever-changing nature.  Become a steward of Spirit and Source’s manifestation, living abundantly and living life through Love itself…

I am the Darkness that is the Light
I am the Silence that is the Cry
I am the Stillness that is the Dance

- Black Foot

Practical Information

DATES 2018:

  • May 15-25th, 2018 – 4 day Nature Immersion
  • June 21-30th, 2018 – SummerSolstice  4 Day Nature Immersion
  • August 5-14, 2018 – Private 4 Day Family Quest (closed to public)
  • August 15-25st, 2018 – 4 day Nature Immersion
  • September 22 – Oct 2, 2018 – Fall Equinox 4 Day Nature Immersion
  • Other dates in July available for private ceremonies or Vision Quest. Email us to get more details.


PRICE:  2500 Euros
the teachings are the same price per person which includes teachings, a special deck of Vision Quest Tarot cards, Medicine, sweat lodge, nature immersion and organic food.  Different Accommodations change the price.

  • Tent on the campgrounds is free and recommended to get used to your camping gear
  • Shared room inside the house with single bed – additional 500 euros
  • Shared room with queen size bed (couple) – 750 euros
  • Single room with queen size bed – 1000 euros
  • Private Vision Quest for 1-4 people start at 10k euros and up.
  • If you are a student or have financial issues, please contact us as there are work programs, or payment plans that can be arranged.
It must be obvious… that there is a contradiction in wanting to be perfectly secure in a universe whose very nature is momentariness and fluidity. -Alan Watts

What They Say

I am ready for a Wisdom Quest.