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Nature Rhythms Course



Synchronize with Nature for universal manifestation, conscious alignment with the universe, and enter peak flow performance with fluidity.  Learn to harness the power of Nature’s rhythms.  Entering the grace of Shamanic understanding, you will gain tremendous knowledge about monthly information and cycles to teach others about what is happening on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly level depending on your level of commitment.  If you guide others, hold men or women circles, moon circles, or help bring awareness to your family or tribe’s efforts, then this course is for you!



  • Learn Nature’s Rhythm & How to Synchronize to it
  • Learn How to Manifest Synchronicity
  • Learn how to Consciously Manifest in Co-Creation with the Universe
  • Enter States of Grace Consciousness & Magic
  • Unravel the abundance of the Universe
  • Learn to Navigate the Medicine Wheel & Cycles of Life
  • Learn to Harmonize with Universal Flow


Make the most of your months

Nature is synchronicity, harmony, and cyclical.  Understanding its cycles and transits is what helps us understand our own path towards evolution.  We are influenced by these cycles in unique ways, yet the overall cycles are what is important to understand.

When we learn what the sky, the earth, the cosmos, and the neutrino fields are telling us, when we know the weekly influences and can be guided to harness the energy, we enter the realms of Nature’s secret wisdom.

We live in a simulated hologram, a movie that is playing through our own subconscious architecture, influencing our way of thinking, our moods and our energy.  Learn to maneouver through the cosmic field of information and enter synchronicity in a whole new way.

  1. This month we enter a cycle of 6 planets going retrograde, meaning going in reverse, allowing for a serious pause of conscious awareness and reflection, going deep inside and revealing our subconscious mind.  This is countered by the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year starting June 21, that is starting with a New Moon and that is also tied to a Solar Eclipse, usually a time where the light is eclipsed by the dark.

    This is accelerating social change and the new moon at the same time entering Cancer creating quite a scene in the sky, in our subconscious mind and in our emotional energetic bodies.  

    This solar eclipse will create a ring of fire and can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere, but what does it mean and how does this influence you on a personal level?!   This is what the course is about ! Sign up now!



Consists of 4 different live calls of 1.5-2hours with a deep analysis of the Human Design transit, the Sphinx Code transit, the Astrological Transit, the Gene Keys transit, and the specifics on how to better take care during the timing of the month.  Insights on the Full Moon and New Moon helps bring alignment towards ceremonies, circles, or personal development and growth. 

Manex will provide deep insights on how to best take care of these transits so that you can harmonize with Nature and begin to manifest clearly, consciously, and in harmony with the Universe.


  • 4 monthly audio meditations that guide you through transits
  • 4 monthly emails with text explanations of the transits
  • 4 Live Zoom calls of with Q&A (or pre-recorded).
  • Practical guidance and information on Astrological Shifts
    • Moon Phase information to lead circles or ceremonies
    • Alter Creation for different alters (relationship, business, personal growth)
    • Intentions and Prayers specific to each moon cycle
    • Human Design Weekly Transits of Gates
    • Sphinx Code Monthly & Weekly Transit Cycles (Tarot archetypes)


  • lead a moon circle monthly or bi-monthly
  • Synchronize your life with the Universe
  • Enter Flow States more easily
  • Encounter Serendipidy
  • Understand how to tune to the overall life Currents
  • Harmonize with Universal subconscious patterns
  • Clear out the old beliefs, patterns, relationships, and work
  • Adapt your actions in alignment with Nature
  • Release tension and enter fluidity
  • Bring harmony to your life
  • Relax into your own life’s patterns


$ 95/month
$ 175/month
$ 250/MONTH
$ 500/MONTH
$ 1000/MONTH




Gain 4 different Human Design solar transits to understand the neutrino field blast that is going on within each week so that you can understand the cerebral weather.   Learning what the underlying current of each week provides an incredible resource to synchronize the appropriate information so that you can access the proper energy and make correct decisions with what you should focus your attention towards.


Each year, month, week and day have different archetypes that influence our subconscious patterns.  In this course you will gain access to understanding the different archetypes that are influencing each month, each full and new moon, as well as how to work with that pattern.

The archetypes of the Major Arcana of the Tarot provide a secret visual language that allow for us to understand the underlying story that is playing out and then harmonize with the current behavioral traits and patterns that are present.  Knowing the transits is incredibly powerful information.


Astrology has been used throughout history to predict the best times to sign contracts, go to war, have babies etc..  Astrological timing helps us understand the currents of the stars influencing our minds.  This is where we learn how to nourish the transformations that help us grow through the cycles of the universe.  Providing you with the positioning of key planets can help you make sense of monthly cycles and transits.  We’ll be focusing mostly on the Solar and Moon cycles each month, but will also include the larger scale planets that are influencing our monthly tides. 

WHEEL OF LIFE – The teachings of the medicine wheel


The medicine wheel is an ancient symbol that is refered to by many indigenous cultures, expressing the different phases that all of us go through yearly as well as through our lives.

In shamanic teachings there are 4 quarters to the year defining the seasons.  Each has a correlation to what we are learning through the seasonal shifts, going through spring to winter, seeding to fruition, harvesting to hibernation, and each cycles provides deeper meaning towards what actions and states of consciousness to honor during each cycle.

The medicine wheel teachings also is a path for life, teaching us the ways of the child, teen, adult, and elder.  The cycles of life that continue to circle through our lives eternally bring us new teachings, wisdom, and reflection. 

In this course we will integrate the quarters based on the summer and winter solstice as well as the spring and fall equinox, defining unique rituals that exist to honor each cycle and enter into their flow.

Course Pricing
Full Cycles - 4 Live Calls, 4 Meditations + Golden Cycles
USD $ 1000/month
Golden Cycles - 2 Live Calls + 2 Meditations + Silver
USD $ 500/month
Silver Moon - Full Moon Live Call + Optimal
USD$ 250/month
Optimized - 2 Recorded Video Calls download + Basic
USD$ 175/month
Basic - PDF and Full Moon Meditation
USD$ 95/month
$ 95/month
$ 175/month
$ 250/MONTH
$ 500/MONTH
$ 1000/MONTH

Testimonials - see what others have said

Learning transits had a big impact on my life choices. Learning how to tune into universal rhythms brought a lot of clarity to the different cycles we all go through in life. It really helped bring clarity and influence my decisions for business and relationships. I truly recommend this, as Manex has an incredible understanding.
Really clear information and so much depth. I was able to create my own course and full moon circle from the information. Thanks to Manex, I now lead people through Full Moon ceremonies, empowering women to tune into their own moon cycles. Awesome content!! Highly Recommended.
Mother & Full Moon Circle Priestess
Learning the different between the full moon and new moon was really important, especially that men and women react very differently to each cycle. It all made so much sense once you understand, and now we have an incredible sex magic practice with the moon! So good.
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Lover & Entrepeneur
$ 95/month
$ 175/month
$ 250/MONTH
$ 500/MONTH
$ 1000/MONTH