The official website of Visionary Mystic and Shaman Manex Ibar. Join the journey towards higher spirit consciousness through Manex's practical and enlivening guidance.
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A Collective Scroll to Explore Exploring Plants In Mystical Nature

Slide ABOUT Conscious Medicine Collective CMC is a dream project created by visionary mystic and shaman Manex Ibar. From 20 years of experience, Manex is dreaming of building together a beautiful set and setting to farm, produce, research, and partake in magical plant medicines legally. We are building a private club that explores, in an exquisite and unique place in the lush basque country, the making and experiencing of plant medicines. We aim for a sanctuary that serves to research, teach, inform, and lead through powerful guidance and alchemically prepared medicines, the harmony of Nature. There are several centers and studies that have been done already, but a lot more work is needed, and in Manex's opinion, more quaint and private places need to be created and somewhat standardized to help bring powerful transformations to individuals, while performing and documenting research on these amazing gifts from nature.

Today we are asking for your help!

In order to realize this dream, we are asking for you to please join the Club through your membership donation, in whatever capacity, to help make this dream a reality. Become a part of the club and enjoy your own journey into self-discovery, enhancement, and optimization with the gifts of nature, sound, and proper guidance.

We have partnered with MAPS (Mutlidisciplinary Assoication of Psychedelics Studies -, as well as the Tibetan Psychedelic Shangha, and Kymia Arts and several other organizations that want to further the study of these shamanic plants through a safe and proper set and setting, science, and in harmony with the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures as well as with Nature. We are serious about creating one of the world's most prestigious institutes for this type of work. We want to create a state of the art lab that transforms the plant matter into powerful spygarics and water toroidal and bio friendly methods to have consistent medicine with the strongest effects. We want to create the perfect magical ambiance, and train individuals through programs to properly guide the transformative process. We want to focus on Huachuam or San Pedro as this is the plant with the least study, and yet the most beneficial support for our current society's needs.

We need you!

See below for the different membership types and benefits. We hope you join our adventure and help us bring this important work to fruition. We Thank your for your help! If you need more information, please contact us.

ECO GLAMPING The housing CMC CEREMONIAL LODGE Concept Drawings CMC The Center in Basque Country Mystical Mountains and Rivers CMC Plant Medicines CBD Benefits & Legality CMC Plant Medicines Psilocybin Research for Depression and Addiction Resolution CMC Plant Medicines Huachuma San Pedro Cactus for FLOW States and Serratonin CMC Plant Medicines Ayahuasca DMT for Depression and Trauma Relief CMC

Slide MEMBERSHIPS Different Memberships for Different Privilidges We are in relationships with Oxford University for our first research project. We are also in relation with MAPS for a working relationship.

But first, we’re calling on members that want to participate so that the collective can be created. We need you as a member!

The place purchased has considerable land and is located next to a beautiful river, with 5 hectares (10 acres) that will be developed with earth based, sustainable, housing that can accommodate guests, in a unique and luxurious, but humble experience. We’re looking to create a beautiful place to encourage transformation with nature’s medicines. 5 Living quarters and 1 main temple are the goals of the membership donation, as well as building a simple alchemy lab for the transformation and storage of medicine, and the basic farming equipment to grow our medicine.

I have seen some similar centers in Costa-Rica and Spain, but most of them are doing ceremonies at large scale -meaning with 50-100 people together. In my opinion, this is not safe or effective, and is not in alignment with the intimate nature of doing this work. Our vision would be no more then 20 people at a time, and preferably groups of 6-12 people. This cultivates a beautiful sacred experience where each participant can truly gain value and transformation by being attended to personally.

Below you will find different membership levels that gives you access to our services starting as early as Spring 2021. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
BECOME A MEMBER Have Questions? Contact us
50 Euros yearly FAMILY MEMBERSHIP 1000 Euros Yearly Ceremony Participation
CREATOR MEMBERSHIP 10K paticipation for 2 years of private ceremony PATRON MEMBER 25k Participation and Patron for Life HONORARY MEMBERSHIP 5k Participation for 1 private ceremony FOUNDING MEMBERSHIP 50k for 5 year private ceremony

Contact 58 North Branford Rd
Wallingford CT, 06492

+1 (917) 963-4778
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