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The official website of Visionary Mystic and Shaman Manex Ibar. Join the journey towards higher spirit consciousness through Manex's practical and enlivening guidance.
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From plant medicine to marriage and baptism,

Manex offers many ceremonial services.

Plant Ceremonies

Shamanic plants have been used for thousands of years providing deep initiations into the inner worlds of our consciousness, exploring the real potential of our capacities as humans as well as opening our awareness and connection to Nature.  Due to the exponential interest in shamanic plants, several centers and guides have appeared over the last 10 years and provide safe and sacred ways of experiencing these plant medicines.  Manex is a modern shamanic practitioner who uses several other tools to safely guide individuals through these profound initiations, providing deep interpretations and cognitive knowledge to enhance the experience and make it practical for our modern lives.


Rather than the journey being a “trip”, Manex guides individuals to truly reconnect with their inner and outer nature and bring the teachings of plant consciousness to the enhancement of individual’s lives.  Private ceremonies in nature are essential, in small intimate groups so that the work can go deep and each individual can have an enhanced experience.  Due to the nature of the legalities of these plants as well as the inconsistencies of the medicine, Manex ensures that each participant gets the best medicine as well as provides the experience in a place where the use of such plants is legal.



Groups of 10-12: $7500, € 7000, £ 6000
Private Ceremonial Experiences:  $12,000 – $100,000
10-20 people.

Shamanic Drumming Journey

In Shamanism, sound is regarded as one of the most effective ways of establishing connections with the spirit realm, traveling through space, permeating visual and physical barriers, and conveying information from the unseen world. Manex guides small groups into the self and other realms of the mind through sacred shamanic drumming journeys. This is a time for inviting in spirit and animal guides and accessing your innate knowledge. Manex skillfully and patiently guides each individual on their unique pathways, leading with his steady drumming and divine communication.


“A shamanic ritual often begins with heating the drumhead over a fire to bring it up to the desired pitch. Shamans may strike certain parts of the drum to summon particular helping spirits. It is the subtle variations in timbre and ever-changing overtones of the drum that allow the shaman to communicate with the spiritual realm. The shaman uses the drum to create a bridge to the spirit world, while simultaneously opening the awareness of all the participants to that bridge.”

(Read more about Shamanic Drumming here)


To inquire about a private or group shamanic drumming journey, please contact us.

Home Cleansing

A home is a very sacred and essential part of life. It is the space in which you raise your family; a place where you eat, rest, and sleep; a safe haven from the outside world. Our homes are very important, and sometimes this space needs to be energetically cleansed. This shamanic cleansing removes old, stale, and sometimes negative or disruptive energies of people and beings who have entered your space or perhaps previously lived in the building, inviting in new, fresh, positive energy to create balance and harmony in your home.


To inquire about a home or space cleansing, please contact us.

Marital Services

Marriage is a sacred rite of passage. It is a declaration of love, a dedication to your chosen partner, a time of transition out of living as an individual and into living as two individuals coexisting in a harmonious and beneficial relationship. Marriage is a pure and powerful expression of love.


Manex offers pre-marital sessions as well as marriage ceremony services. Each couples’ desires and needs vary, so he asks that you reach out to talk more about the best path to take. Every successful marriage forms from two successful individuals on their paths of learning, evolving and becoming more aligned with their best self.


The time to embrace the sacred is now.


To inquire about marital ceremonies and services, please contact us.

End of Life Ceremonies

Though death is the only thing that is certain in life, it is often difficult to say goodbye to family and loved ones. We mourn their passing, but should also be celebrating the beautiful life they lived, acknowledging and recognizing the wonderful gifts they gave to their family and to the world. Manex offers end-of-life services that honor and uplift the soul, bringing love and joy to the sacred ceremony. Celebration, love, and sacred memories are gifts that will live on for generations.


Please reach out to Manex if you wish to discuss an end of life ceremony.


Please contact Manex about baptism, as he offers many special ceremonies and can tailor each to best fit you or your family.