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The official website of Visionary Mystic and Shaman Manex Ibar. Join the journey towards higher spirit consciousness through Manex's practical and enlivening guidance.
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Integrated Spiritual Elevation

Personal Activation to Achieve An Extra-Ordinary Life



join this in-depth personalized lifestyle mastery course

What Is Arise?


Arise is a new mastery program for personal transformation.   Designed by Manex Ibar, a visionary spiritual guide and shaman with over 20 years of personal transformation client work, Arise brings together the most powerful self-development tools into a unique personal guidance system that brings self-mastery and the self-realization of your extra-ordinary life.


Through 12 personal sessions that cover 12 different categories of your life, an authentic  soul vision can manifest itself clearly.  Through personalization tools you learn to understand your conscious filters, your victim triggers, your emotional patterns, and your archetypal and genetic essence to connect integrally with your truest self.  We examine your lifestyle and your energetic patterns, and with personalized live counseling and practical tools, you re-align energetically and put forth your own strategy to achieve real results, changes, and achievements that can only transform your life.


fully customized program with you at the center


Integrating several proven empowering modalities and tools with experienced wisdom, we create an integrated life vision through 13 categories and go deep into your subconscious patterns, genetic mechanics, and consciousness to achieve your full self-realization.


Through personal one-on-one skype sessions that use advanced scientific self-development tools for individualization such as Human Design, Gene Keys, Sphinx Code, and the Pattern, we unveil and create an authentic and clear life vision, and a plan of action to achieve your personal mastery.


Transforming limiting beliefs, negative patterns, habits, and personality conditioning using advanced spiritual techniques, we activate your real life purpose and goals through a practical strategy of action to achieve and activate your life potential.



Through 25 years of seeking the best self-development tools and techniques, Manex has created Arise, an advanced integrated masters program for self-empowerment, self-realization, and self-awareness. Through this personalized life coaching experience, you will understand your biological mechanics, your conscious mechanics, and align deeply to your soul purpose and vision, enabling you to transform your negative patterns and limiting beliefs while creating a strategy to achieve your extra-ordinary life


Who Is Manex?


Manex Ibar is a master spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, shaman and consciousness entrepeneur. Over the last 20 years, he has guided thousands of people privately to achieve energetic balance and healing, elevated personal conscious awareness, and activated deep personal connection to nature’s wisdom. He is the coaches coach, the shaman for shamans, with an elite clientele, his versatality in expressing complex subjects in simple practical terms is invaluable. He has been personally blessed by the Daily Lama and was fortunate to be trained by some of today’s spiritual masters in several different traditions that include Budhishm, Tao, Tantra, Energetics, and Shamanism. Known for his Wisdom Quests in the Pyrenees, Manex travels the world guiding people, giving seminars and talks, and authoring new self-development tools, programs, and books.






Understanding your genetic energetics enables you to function in authenticity and fluidity. Learn about your appropirate environment, your unique digestive activation, hwo to make decisions, and manage every aspect of the human body experience from a deeply personal level

Understanding your unique consciousness architecture, your psychological and emotional patterns and conditioning versus your true nature stimulates rapid transform of negative behavior and character traits, bringing out the best expression of yourself. We each have unique consciousness mechanics, subconscious archetypes, and mental strategies that help us perform our best. It’s all about understanding consciousness.

Our spiritual nature is often confused or avoided due to early religious disapointments, yet all of us are spiritual beings that can master our own energy and connect to the devine in our own unique way. Our spiritual nature is practical as it gives us access to different states of consciousness and allows us to tap into an extra-ordinary power within all of us, to harmonize and ‘hack” reality.’


included in some packages

Fréquence Vital Oils Kit


Fréquence Vital Essence Oil kit puts 56 different plants into 9 bottles to support our entire energetic wellbeing. 9 Pure organic essential blends provide complete energetic and emotional support to specific areas of our bodies and conscious functions. This luxurious kit helps you stay balanced energetically so you can thrive physically and consciously. It’s a modern medicine bag. Each bottle is a unique world of aroma.



Clairessence Mediations is an online workshop to master your energetics. Through 24 guided audio meditations, you will learn how to master your energetic body and transform your life, become authentic and gain deep clarity. Using audio technology, the guided meditations bring you into different consciousness states to activate your pineal and pituatary glands, opening up your sixth sense. Changing your energetics has direct physical manifestations which are life changing.


Dive deep into Nature, alone for several days, anchoring your being into source awareness, rejuvenating your psyche, energy, and body from the Earth’s sacred essence. Become part of an elite of courageous conscious explorers, taping into the ancient rite of passage that helps us stay aligned to our soul purpose, to what’s truly important in life, and to our innate wisdom. Discover your true power straight from your own pure essence.