A Free Introduction to HUMAN DESIGN with Manex Ibar - Manex Ibar | Visionary Mystic & Shaman
Manex Ibar introduces human design in a free 45 minute audio. Join the course to get more in-depth insights into the fascinating world of Human Design
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A Free Introduction to HUMAN DESIGN with Manex Ibar

A Free Introduction to HUMAN DESIGN with Manex Ibar

Human Design is an incredible wisdom system and personal understanding tool created in 1987 by Ra Uru Hu, known as the science of differentiation. Tested in clinics for over 10 years, the system helps you understand your uniqueness by showing your body mechanics – physical, emotional, instinctual, energetic, genetic, and consciousness to name a few. It’s strength are depth, precision, and logic.

With Human Design, you get to really know who you are on such a deep level, it’s a little weird at times how a program based on your birth information can be so precise about understanding your character traits. The discovery of this system has helped me understand myself, my family, and mostly has helped in my work to help others understand themselves.

One big concept that Human Design discusses that is controversial to the new age way of thinking, is that we are no longer in a 7 chakra system but rather in a 9 centered body. This is fundamental in understanding the human experience and how consciousness progresses in it’s evolution through form.

In this introduction, I introduce the basics of why Human Design in important for you to know, as well as what it is. I also go into a secondary system called Gene Keys, by Richard Rudd, based on Human Design calculations and information, but brought to light in a different manner. Both work beautifully together. I encourage you to go get your chart, then dive into the introduction. Below there are links to the paid course to go deeper.

Get your charts at: www.mybodygraph.com or www.genekeys.com

Enjoy the audio.

A Free Introduction to Human Design by Visionary Mystic and Shaman, Manex Ibar

Want More? Get the Course!

Manex goes deeper into each section below. You can buy the whole course, or simply get the section you want to dive deeper. If you want personal guidance in Human Design, Manex offers a 7 group session course online with live Q&A.

Choose your journey below and gain valuable wisdom for your life!

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