Manex Ibar is a natural mystic shaman, and recognized global leader in conscious energetics and shamanism. Known for his expertise in subconscious archetypes and patterning, combined with his ability to bridge high-level concepts of spiritual consciousness with scientific methodology, he is sought after for personal, relationship, and corporate guidance and optimization. With 25 years of initiation into spiritual wisdom traditions and occult knowledge, and a 15 year long professional practice in guiding individuals; Manex brings light, and practical tools, to solve complex situations that arise with life. As a reputed ceremonial master and workshop leader, Manex also publishes media on spiritual consciousness, subconscious energetics, shamanism, and the power of creativity as our human expansion. Called on by global spiritual and business leaders for his vision, wisdom, practical techniques, creative solutions, and warm-heartedness while hosting enriching experiences, Manex fluidly integrates his enlightened connection with Nature and Source.
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Spirit Consciousness Systems allow for an increase in personal performance and effective optimization of relationships
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Personal, career, and relationship optimized performance is the goal for all of us. With enhanced understandings of our personal awareness, body function, conscious mechanics, and spiritual atonement, we can excel at our purpose and then relate to the other in integrity and wholeness. It's self-love that leads our happiness and abundance. Businesses thrive with optimized individuals. Enhancing personal performance, team flow, executive vision, and aligning mission through understanding the unique gifts and strengths of individuals in our businesses helps us gain more value, effectiveness, and clarity, ultimately Increasing performance, output, and overall success. Personal & Relationship Business Optimization
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Personal & Relationship Sessions Manex Describes what they are Go back "Manex's personal sessions are so deeply powerful and reveal so much information about how I work and what to do to thrive" Watch video Business Sessions Manex describes business sessions. Go back "Manex's business sessions brought our team into deep alignment, re-structuring our team towards proper function to have 12x results." q Watch video

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Manex is a digital pioneer & media pro
Get your spirit wisdom on several apps.
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Ready to go Deeper? The science of differentiation is a mapping tool that provides incredible depth of information for individualization and relationship interaction. It helps identify your unique individual mechanics with precision to enhance self-awareness. A visual tool that enables the precise analysis of your subconscious blueprint, it reveals your strengths and weaknesses concerning your traits and behavioral patterning, conditioning and your shadow side, to unveile your gifts you bring to the world. Human Design Sphinx Code Clairessence A systemic approach to energy function and management to enable system wide changes on your epigenetics and overall spiritual consciousness. Clairessence is a powerful meditation series that empowers your growth in energetics.

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Energetics is the world of Aura and chakras, meridiens and the incredible world of energy. It is what helps us translate consciousness to matter. Learn the basics of Energetics and how to open your sixth sense. Quintessence is the last element from the four basic elements - it is spirit or love. In this webinar, you'll learn how to connect to your higher guide and learn the principles of overcoming fear. Enter your inner shaman. Bio-Energetics Quintessence Essential Oils Essential oils have played a big part in my life, enough so to start my own essential oil company. In this workshop you'll learn how I use essential oils to help balance my lifestyle and stay healthy and high.


Enter the wild nature and discover yourself through this initiation rite of passage. Discover your true nature your inner depth and activate your unique connection to Source. 10 days of deep life transformation experience. We all have a shamanic aspect that brings us back to our primal self. Awaken your inner shaman is an online course with a powerful 4 day weekend experience to awaken your inner shaman. Go deeper and awaken. remove_red_eye Wisdom Quest Inner Shaman Sphinx Code Wisdom Become a wisdom keeper of the Sphinx Code wisdom system and become fully innitiated into the secret of the Tarot. Learn how to read the blueprint, give relationships readings, and become part of the community.


Clairessence is an energy mastery program that teaches you the entire energetic body system that includes awakening your clairvoyance, learning how to properly clear and protect yourself, and then awaken your psychic abilities to read others. When manex was struck by lightning, he was enlightened to open a mystery school on the power and knowledge of Lightening. This school brings you deep into the mysteries of several wisdom traditions unveiling the depth of knowledge needed in the coming age of spiritual enlightenement. CLAIRESSENCE XIMISTA TAROT FOR ARTISTS The secret language of the Tarot has fascinated the world and our western culture. It is filled with secret codes that help us understand our subconscious. Learn the secret artistic code of the Tarot so you can make your own. 12 days.

ARISE PROGRAM Arise is a new mastery program for personal transformation. Designed by Manex Ibar, Arise brings together the most powerful self-development tools into a unique personal guidance system that brings self-mastery and the self-realization of your extra-ordinary life. Integrated Personalized Activation
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WISDOM QUEST A powerful initiation and rite of passage that brings you into Nature's grace and wisdom, while awakening your innate connection to Source. Discover your deep connection to yourself and to Nature to bring you into a new perspective of life. A Life Initiation Experience in Wisdom
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CLAIRESSENCE Learn how to read your own energy and other people's energetics so that you can empower yourself, become a better coach or guide, and help rebalance all aspects of your life. Master your energetics. Master Your Energetics
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FRéQUENCE Visionary Artistic Botanists create beautiful and enhancing plant formulas of essential oils from Nature for your wellbeing. Manex's line of essential oils is of the highest quality and is the first Energetic Remedies on the market. 9 Chakra Essence Oil Kit. Organic Plant Formulas
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SPHINX CODE A revolutionary wisdom system that provides precise subconscios archetypal blueprint or your soul signature so that you can work on your traits and behaviors innate for alignment and harmonization. Get a reading or become a Wisdom Keeper. Personal Archetypal Blueprint
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SPIRIT BYTES. Spirituality often gets a bad wrap as new agey, or a passion of yoga housewives with their crystal. In fact, spirituality is one of the most important phenomena of our being here on earth, and it is the WHY, the meaning of things and the power. Manex's Podcast on Spirituality.
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Soulvana Manex Image SOULVANA AUTHOR Manex is a celebrated and one of the main authors on the Soulvana App. He has created many immersion meditations, a course and a "journey". He is celebrated as one of today's top meditation and spiritual authors through this fast growing community. Best Meditation Platform & APP
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CONSCIOUS MEDICINE Plant Medicines from your common lavender to the master shamanic plants, and in different forms whether in flower essences, essential oils, creams, tinctures, spygarics or as dried herbs are the future of medicine. The collective is a club that experiments with plants and consciousness. A Collective for Plant Medicines
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SWEAT LODGE - INIPI. Ceremonies and rituals help us harmonize with Nature's rhythms, keeping us humble and grounded to our bodies, to our communities, and to our deeper essence. Manex has been offering Inipi ceremonies for the last 22 years every full moon. Ceremony for Community Growing
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HOUSE/OFFICE CLEARING Our environments play a massive role on and in our lives. Being in a haunted home or an office building that has failure can leave an energetic imprint that influences your behavior, thinking, and energetic wellbeing. Manex Clears your spaces energetically. Energetic Clearing Optimizes Performance
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Manex Ibar

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