Personal Sessions
The official website of Visionary Mystic and Shaman Manex Ibar. Join the journey towards higher spirit consciousness through Manex's practical and enlivening guidance.
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Personal Sessions

We all need guidance in our lives

Personal Sessions with Manex Ibar integrate several different modalities and advanced tools, bringing personal optimization to individuals and businesses to thrive in all aspects of our lives.  His unique approach provides healing, preventative health, optimization and personal guidance that have helped thousands of people worldwide gain consciousness of their inner function and outer connections.  Sessions last 1-2 hours and are available via Zoom worldwide or in the cities he travels to.

What are your concerns and how far do you want to go if you learned your full potential?

Usually sessions help you identify energetic blocks, potentials, and subconscious limitations.

If you don’t know about human design, you can find out more in Manex’s introduction below.

Personal Sessions

Have you had a few personal sessions with Manex and crave something deeper, something more long-term in which you will have the potential to optimize your growth and purpose?
Perhaps coaching is the next step for you.


Coaching for 6 Months Commitment:      $ 5,500   or   $ 917 per month.
Bi-Monthly Skype Calls (12 skypes) & 2 In-Person Sessions over 6 months save 10%

Coaching for 12 Months Commitment:  $ 10,000 or $ 833 per month
Bi-Monthly Skype Call (23 skypes) & 3 In-Person Sessions over 1 year save 30%

PERSONAL SESSIONS: Live more fully!


Integrating several methods, tools, and modalities, Manex has a unique process to guide individuals back towards their true empowerment, energetic alignment, and conscious awareness of their genetic matrix.  With 3 sessions over 9 months, Manex provides you with an intense shift of being, with deep and useful information about your function (psychological, genetic, spiritual), and brings clarity on many situations that concern our lives.  Sessions provide clarity, relief, healing, and optimization of your physical health, intellectual consciousness, and heart-opening joy.  Private sessions are booked through emailing or scheduled in person during Manex’s multi-city travels.


Cost Per Session (in-person unless otherwise stated):
Zoom/tel:                $   550     €    500       £    450
1.5 – 2 hr                 $   1000     €   925       £    875
Half Day  6hr          $ 2,750     €  2,500     £  2,250
Full Day 12hr          $ 5,000    €  4,500    £  4,250
Week 5 days:            $ 20,oo0   € 18,500   £ 17,500
Are you ready to optimize your potential and live your best life?