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Manex Ibar is a natural mystic shaman, and recognized global leader in conscious energetics and shamanism. Known for his expertise in subconscious archetypes and patterning, combined with his ability to bridge high-level concepts of spiritual consciousness with scientific methodology, he is sought after for personal, relationship, and corporate guidance and optimization. With 25 years of initiation into spiritual wisdom traditions and occult knowledge, and a 15 year long professional practice in guiding individuals; Manex brings light, and practical tools, to solve complex situations that arise with life. As a reputed ceremonial master and workshop leader, Manex also publishes media on spiritual consciousness, subconscious energetics, shamanism, and the power of creativity as our human expansion. Called on by global spiritual and business leaders for his vision, wisdom, practical techniques, creative solutions, and warm-heartedness while hosting enriching experiences, Manex fluidly integrates his enlightened connection with Nature and Source.
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